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Featured Artist

Jayden Westland is a landscaping music maker from Mashpee. She recently wrote on her Facebook page:

Since I started writing songs as a teenager, I’ve always dreamed of having my music out in the world. I’ve loved writing to connect to people in a different way, a more intimate way. At the end of my 24th year, I will FINALLY have one of my pieces out for everyone to hear. On all platforms, my new single, “Are You Gonna Mind?” Thank you to everyone who has waited patiently & supported my music in every way. I can’t express my appreciation & gratitude enough from my friends & family who constantly come out to my gigs & ask when my music will be out. Thank you & I’m so excited for the start of the next chapter in my music career

Producer: 37’ Productions - Sean McLaughlin

Artwork/Photos: Julianne Drake