frequently asked questions

Who are we? Q
In an exciting collaboration, a group of passionate and talented creatives have joined forces to contribute their unique skills and ideas to a thriving radio and events company dedicated to spreading happiness and joy. With a shared vision of creating uplifting and engaging content, this collective of individuals brings together a diverse range of experts, including writers, producers, musicians, and event planners. Each member of this creative team is driven by the belief that happiness is contagious and that by cultivating a positive atmosphere, they can make a meaningful impact on people's lives. Drawing inspiration from the power of music, storytelling, and life experiences, they aim to create an immersive and joyful journey for their audience.
What does Lemonadio do?Q
Lemonadio is a media collaborative specializing in creating radio, streaming, and live in-person content for Cape Cod and beyond. Our team of talented entertainers, event hosts, radio DJs, event coordinators, and party planners work together to bring engaging and memorable experiences to our audience. Whether through captivating performances, hosting events, curating music on the airwaves, organizing and coordinating various aspects of events, or planning and executing unforgettable parties, Lemonadio aims to entertain and connect with people in diverse ways. We aim to provide high-quality entertainment and content that resonates with our audience and enhances their overall experience.
Where did we come fromQ
A renowned and beloved radio host, Stephanie Viva found herself unexpectedly "dislocated" from her cherished 20-year radio show. It was a shocking turn of events that left Stephanie searching for a new way to connect with her loyal listeners and beloved community. In her quest to make Lemonade, this dislocation coincided with the onset of a global pandemic. Stephanie realized the world was rapidly changing, and radio listening habits were evolving amidst a vast multimedia landscape with endless choices and platforms. Undeterred by the challenges, Stephanie saw an opportunity to adapt and forge a new path. With unwavering determination and a small digital dream in her heart, Stephanie embarked on a transformative journey. She founded Lemonadio, an entire media group focused on empowering the community and fostering connection in this ever-changing world. The whole slogan is; when life gives you lemons, make radio. We aren't reinventing the wheel. We are just making it a little smoother! Lemonadio became more than just a digital dream; it blossomed into a vibrant hub of creativity and engagement. The core philosophy of Lemonadio was to uplift souls, celebrate local happenings, and shine a spotlight on the extraordinary people who make Cape Cod such a remarkable place. Stephanie and her team at Lemonadio curated an array of innovative initiatives to weave together the fabric of the community. Live, in-person events became the cornerstone of Lemonadio's mission, bringing people together in joyful celebration. These events were filled with music, art, and inspiring talks, igniting a sense of unity and shared purpose. In the digital realm, Lemonadio's specialty shows flourish. They provide a platform for local talents and experts to share their passions, wisdom, and knowledge. From culinary delights to environmental activism, every niche interest has a home on Lemonadio's digital radio, fostering a sense of discovery. And at the heart of it all was Stephanie in the Morning, Stephanie Viva's radio show, which has evolved and adapted along with Lemonadio. No longer confined to the traditional airwaves, Stephanie in the Morning now reaches listeners worldwide, bringing her warmth, humor, and wisdom to countless ears. Lemonadio is part of The Happier Network our podcasts network our in-person trivia, music bingo, and game nights Roku TV and Youtube